[b. 1995 Whittier, CA]

011668 is an American multidisciplinary artist exploring spirituality, mythology, and cosmogony in the digital age. Acknowledging industrial forces as our modern pantheon, 011668 unravels a contemporary creation myth while fusing elements of the kaiju genre and butoh theater.

The Rite of Spring
The Cookbook
Sol Roth Dathan
1999 American Stargate
2021 Tokyo Olympics - Opening Ceremony
Millennial Mercy Killing on the Earth
The Ark
Kiss of Life
Sin Rival
Falconer Key
Angel of Treated Greywater
Creation Myth; Millennial’s Thanksgiving
Snowmobile Liver Omen Predicts Third Machine War
Celestial Cartography
The Keymaker
The Mask
Atlas of Terrestrial Wreckage