[b. 1995 Whittier, CA]

011668 is an American interdisciplinary artist exploring spirituality, mythology, and cosmogony in the digital age. Acknowledging industrial forces as our modern pantheon, 011668 unravels a contemporary creation myth while fusing elements of the kaiju genre and butoh theater.

Los Angeles Dances of Water and Power
The Cookbook
1999 American Stargate
Truth of Life
Sol Roth Dathan

A Game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind
Crucifixion Update (1995)

The Ark
Gigan     -    Sin Rival    -    PSA
Creation Myth; Millennial’s Thanksgiving
I found a map of the body
Kiss of Life
Snowmobile Liver Omen Predicts Machine War
The Keymaker
The Mask
Millennial Mercy Killing on the Earth

2021 Tokyo Olympics - Opening Ceremony
Ariel I
Falconer III
Infinite Scroll
The Premeditated Nature of Economy

Primordial Origin: Age of Toyota
Primordial Origin: The God of Water in the West