011668 - The Rite of Spring

(Live Performance)

Booking: newamericanmetaphsysics@gmail.com


Act I
  1. Prelude: Toyota Millennium
  2. Fantasia 2012
  3. Strathclyde Motets: Dominus dabit benignitatem
  4. Augurs of Spring
  5. Here we go!
  6. Bring out the dancinggGgG3g lobsters!

Total run time: 45 minutes

Digital audio (Macbook + Scarlett 2i2) through house PA
4 channel audio mixer or DJ Mixer
2 instrument cables, 20-50 ft
2 SM58 microphones with 20-50 ft XLR cables
2 Stage Monitors

1 spot light in center of the stage
Strobe light

Projection screen at the back center of the stage, ideally 12 ft wide or full width of the stage - bottom of screen should be raised at least 3-5 ft from the floor

Projector 1 - Main Visuals with Audio
Projector 2 (Optional) - Floor Visuals

2 HDMI cables
1 HDMI - Firewire Adapter
1 3.5 mm audio into House PA

Power / Generator
Fire extinguisher
PA System with Subwoofer
2 Red Apples